Tax Planning

International Business

Are you an existing business relocating to Ireland or are you an entrepreneur moving to Ireland to start your business? Are you currently located within the EU, USA, Australia, New Zealand, India, South Africa or other non EU country? At CACM, we can help you.

Setting up business in Ireland

Ireland offers many advantages if operating as a limited company with a base in Ireland. There is a low corporation tax rate in Ireland of 12.5%. Ireland is a common law country with a wide range of legal protections for the owners of software rights and licences. With simplified and low level business administration, Ireland is ranked as one of the easiest EU locations to start a business.

There are possibilities of obtaining grants and assistance from Government agencies. Ireland is a start up friendly environment, a gateway to world markets, English speaking and Euro currency. Ireland is a great place to live and work.

Our partner led tax team have considerable experience in working with clients whose business interests are either partially or fully located in Ireland. We advise on the tax obligations across multiply jurisdictions and to those who have international client and customer bases.

International Business

How can we help you?

When setting up a new business, it is important to make sure you do it right from the start. There are many aspects to be considered at various stages, so it is important that you have a strategy in place so you maximise your income and minimise your taxation in the most efficient manner possible.

At CACM, our international tax team can help you through the wide range of tax services including some of the following areas:

  • The optimum corporate structure for your business
  • Corporation tax relief for New Start-Ups
  • Research, Development and Innovation tax reliefs
  • Knowledge Development Box tax relief
  • Taxation matters relating to remote employees working for your Irish company
  • Dividends exemptions for non resident shareholders
  • Maximising tax incentives

From deciding on the best legal entity for your business to helping you to achieve your business objectives in a tax efficient manner, at CACM we can help you through the whole process with our wide range of compliance and advisory services when you decide to set up in Ireland.