How to incorporate a company in Ireland

How to incorporate a company in Ireland

To start the process of incorporation of company you should understand how to incorporate a company in Ireland. One of the best and fastest ways to incorporate is to use an agent who will go through the process with you and ensure that you are incorporated within three to five working days.

Firstly choose a name
Your name must be unique to be registered on the company registrations office registrar. The name cannot be the same and sometimes not similar to another name on the register. If a company’s name sounds fanatically similar to another company is can also be rejected. The goal here is to find a unique word if there are other similar words to a limited company name already on the register. He will also have the option of registering a trading name so that you can trade with whatever name you wish. You can cheque the availability of names on the Irish Formation’s website and this will give you a good idea as to whether a name is already registered or not.

Officers of the company.
Every company is required to have a minimum of one director and a separate person or entity to act as company secretary. You could have two directors and one of those people could be secretary. You could also engage anomaly secretary if you were on your own and did not want to involve anybody else on the company.

Under a private limited company with shares you can have one 100 issued shares valued at €1 each. You can also have authorised shares. Issued shares are taken from authorised shares so if you were to allow more than 100 shares in the future the administrative process would be simplified.

Registered Office
Every company is required to have a register to office within the state and many agencies offer the facility of a registered office which should include post handling and scanning if required. The registered office cannot be a P.O. Box.

A company formations agency will tell you the entire process of how to incorporate a company in Ireland and take you through all the costs involved.